It is the core and the history of the Spreafin Group and it still remains its reference point.

Right since its beginning specialized in commercial and form printing, Erre di Esse offers today a differentiate array of works and a variety of products that go from fanfold to printed matter: snap-out on chemical paper, meal tickets, mailing, blank forms and prints with enhanced readability.

A 7 rotary machine stock allows a very high level of productivity on daily basis thanks to a very short set-uptime so that a very fast and timely service is guaranteed. The technological equipment and hands-on experience make possible the printing production of up to 8 colours and no-limits of press run, characterized by high print quality and colour resistance, as well as complex and richly elaborated graphics.

The commitment of The Erre di Esse regarding the Human resources evolves in two directions: a part of the investments are destined to the training of the staff on both levels, those of management and production, using all the available methods of learning: traditional, multimedia and distance learning.

The story of this versatile printing company would not be complete without mentioning the environmental awareness issue: in the course of time a series of measures have been taken in efforts to meet the standards of respect for environment and eco-compatibility, reduction of noise pollution (caused by the use of printing machines) and recycling of waste materials.

The Erre di Esse is not only the core of the Group but it is also its mind and the proof of that are the latest strategic moves, result of a natural propensity for transformation and experimenting.

In the next chapter of its ever changing history the company opened its doors to digital printing, setting up a dedicated production unit destined to complete the range of the offered services: the requests for the rich use of colours and high quality printing, documents containing variable data and print-on-demand were handled here. But as we’ve mentioned earlier, in order to optimize the costs and resources the entire unit has recently been transferred to the Ciscra plant.

At the same time as a result of continuing increase of requests and orders, the Arcore plant, originally set-up with the purpose of sectorial diversification was transformed into an independent structure.


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